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  • Recap of IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid - 2019

    I wrote this recount of my event in the days following our time in Lake Placid but for some reason I took a while to publish it.  Now it feels like the right time to post this and to remember it. 

    I wanted to write down and remember as much as I could about my 70.3 at Lake Placid for two reasons.  One, in the months leading up to my race I read so many race recounts and it was tremendous help to me in my mental preparation.  Also secondly I want people to understand that if this is something you’ve ever WANTED to do, you absolutely can.  There is no “triathlete type.” I saw all ages, genders, shapes and sizes out on the course.  Do not stop yourself before you even try.  Do not sell yourself short.  If you train and prepare yourself correctly you will be welcomed into this community with open arms and you will cross paths with some people you will never forget.  You get one life.  Do things that really challenge you and you will find so much personal growth, I promise.    Read more....