About Inspired Outlier


Inspired Outlier. What does it mean? To explain that, start with the star. There is a star placed just outside the box on every Inspired Outlier shirt. This star? It. Is. You. You are an outlier. You are breaking free. You are chasing down your goals and you are an inspiration to everyone around you. What do you want out of this life? Oh yeah? Now go on, get it.



Inspired Outlier is the the creative outlet of Lauren Franklin who started this company in the wake of her own personal transformation. After surviving raising three boys to become school age, Lauren found herself needing to adjust her habits to step back into feeling good and finding strength. It all started with her first 5k run back in 2015 and from there she has gone on to run events that spanned distances from 5K to half marathon. In 2018 she began her triathlon career with sprint distance, Olympic distances and half IRONMAN distance events. Lauren is currently training for her full 140.6 IRONMAN distance in September, 2020.

When you wear Inspired Outlier, we want you to feel strong, capable and empowered. There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it. If you need encouragement or help getting started, please feel free to email: We would love to help you get on your way and cheer you throughout your journey.